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Mouritz has published ‘white editions’ of Alexander’s books (except The Use of the Self) since 2011.

The white paperback books contain the essential texts: they are almost identical to the last editions Alexander was responsible for in 1945–46: the complete text of the books with the forewords and introductions published at the time (for example containing Dewey’s or Coghill’s introductions, and Alexander’s forewords and Alexander’s new forewords). In the case of Articles and Lectures it only contains Alexander’s writings (and hence no editorial commentary, contextualising or notes). The difference between the cream-coloured cover editions and the white-coloured cover editions of Alexander’s books is that the white paperbacks do not contain: Walter... Read full story...


Congratulations to Ainesh Madan who have been awarded 3rd prize in the Mouritz Award for Writing on the Alexander Technique for his article “Tabla Talk”. It will be published in the Poise journal soon.

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The Alexander Review journal ran between 1986 and 1989, published by Centerline Press (USA). Mouritz has acquired the rights to sell its back catalogue.

PDFs of all 10 issues are now available to buy. For details see:


Voice and the Alexander Technique – Active explorations for speaking and singing

by Jane Heirich has been republished by Mouritz.

Paperback. 194 pages.

Published: 25 March 2023 by Mouritz.

Jane Heirich has been helping singers and actors (as well as teachers and business people) learn how to use their voices with comfort and freedom. She has spent the past three decades integrating two approaches that can have a profound impact on our voices—the centuries-old Italian bel canto singing tradition and the Alexander Technique.

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Direction journal ceased trading some years ago and Mouritz recently acquired its back catalogue.

PDFs of all 30 Direction issues are now available:

Direction journal overview page

These PDFs are high-resolution and include the news pages ("In All Directions" which started with vol. 1 no. 3 and ended with vol. 3 no. 4.) Also available, for the first time ever, is Direction Vol. 3 No. 10, which was finished in 2016 but never published.

For a few physical issues available please see:... Read full story...


Only Connect – Reflections on Teaching the Alexander Technique by Elizabeth Langford has been republished by Mouritz.

Elizabeth Langford (1929–2009) was an accomplished and experienced violinist. She trained in the Alexander Technique 1967–69 and taught the Technique for the rest of her life.

This collection of talks, papers and letters on teaching and presenting the Alexander Technique spans nearly 30 years.

Published 25 November 2022
Paperback. 198 pages.



Direction journal ceased trading some years ago and Mouritz has recently acquired its back catalogue.

These journal issues are remainders and are sold in the Mouritz Shop. There are very few copies left. If an issue is not available in the shop, it is sold out.

PDFs of all Direction issues will become available to buy later.

For the contents of each issue please see (If the direct link does now work, then enter "Direction" as title and "Periodicals" in the topic area in order to see all issues.) Click "Details" for each issue to see a list of its contents.


Now in paperback: An Examined Life by Marjory Barlow and Trevor Allan Davies.

Subtitled: Marjory Barlow and the Alexander Technique

2nd edition. Paperback. 353 pages. Published: 25 September 2022


Now in paperback: Irene Tasker – Her Life and Work with the Alexander Technique by Regina Stratil.

It is a second edition, with minor corrections, an improved index, and a new foreword, by Ruth Rootberg. Paperback. 486 pages. Published: 25 June 2022.


This is the third edition of Articles and Lectures, revised and enlarged of the 1995 (first) edition. 528 pp + 8 photo pp including appendices, 339 notes, 809 references, bibliography, detailed index.

Hardback. 528 pages. Published 25 May 2022.

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