Tips for writers

Some notes for writing substantial articles for Poise:

  • Organize your article around a clearly defined theme or subject.
  • Make a detailed outline which sets out the sequence of the exploration or argumentation.
  • Check that your article has an integrated structure and a thematic unity.
  • Re-write the outline.
  • Write with your readers in mind. Be clear and explicit so that they can follow your argument.
  • Be concise and yet complete.
  • Explain any technical term that may not be clear to the reader.
  • Revise, rewrite, and proofread.
  • Make your title and abstract meaningful as they include important keywords.
  • If English is your second language, consider seeking the assistance of a colleague experienced in writing in English.
  • If you use a computer, save your files often and make multiple backup copies.
  • Take your time. It can be useful to put a draft aside for some weeks in order to look at it again with a fresh mind, and to repeat this process.

For good examples of longer and in-depth pieces relevant to the Alexander Technique, see

  • issues of Conscious Control journal, published by Mouritz, the predecessor to Poise (available from this page of the Mouritz website)
  • More Talk of Alexander, edited by Wilfred Barlow (London: Mouritz, 2005 [1978]); a wide-ranging single-volume selection of articles on the Technique (available from the Mouritz shop)
  • Curiosity Recaptured, edited by Jerry Sontag (USA: Mornum Time Press, 1996)
  • Connected Perspectives, edited by Claire Rennie, Tanya Shoop, and Kamal(London: HITE, 2015

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