Congress Papers

Direction journal ceased trading some years ago and Mouritz has acquired its back catalogue. It includes its collection of the Congress Papers.

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1988 Congress Papers

29 papers and presentations from the 2nd International
Alexander Congress in England in 1988. 180 pages.

1991 Congress Papers

30 papers and presentations from the 3rd International Alexander
Congress in Switzerland in 1991. 174 pages.

1994 Congress Papers

33 papers and presentations from the 4th International Congress
in Australia in 1994. 120 pages.

The inside front covers and back covers are blank. These have not been included.

1988 Congress Papers

Michael Frederick: ‘Towards Unity’
Erika Whittaker: ‘Keynote Address’
David Garlick: ‘A Physiologist Looks at the Alexander Technique’
George Trevelyan: ‘Act. Don't React’
Shmuel Nelken: ‘Post-Graduate Study for Alexander Teachers’
Douglass Price Williams: ‘Loss of Innocence’
Lizzie Atkinson: ‘The Dynamics of Communication’
Kathleen Ballard: ‘The Alexander Technique and Postural Reflexes’
Nilly Bassan: ‘Different Approaches to Similar Conclusions: Alexander Technique and Chinese Acupunture’
Bridget Belgrave: ‘The Home as a Learning Environment for Children Under Five’
Richard A. Brown: ‘The Research Contribution of Frank Pierce Jones’
Paul Burge: ‘Acting and Inhibition’
Deborah Caplan: ‘The Alexander Technique and its Application to Back Problems’
Mary Cerny: ‘Movement and Voice Improvisation’
Ronald Colyer: ‘Getting in Touch with the Child’
Ron Dennis: ‘Wind Instruments and Respiratory Function’
Carol Gill Malik: ‘Voice for the Actor’
Grethe Laub: ‘Present Day Trends in the Upbringing of Children’
Glynn Macdonald: ‘We Go Forward and Up’
Vivien Mackie: ‘Working with Musicians’
Vivien Plews: ‘Observing and Understanding Group Energy’
Eckart Richter: ‘Applying Chairwork to Cello Playing’
Sue Scott: ‘Establishing Good Health for Life’
Jean Shepard: ‘Adult Relationships with Children’
Robin Simmons: ‘Design for Good Use Furniture’
Christopher Stevens: ‘Experimental Studies of the FM Alexander Technique’
Sue Thame: ‘Bringing the Alexander Technique to Children in State Schools’
Tommy Thompson: ‘Frank Pierce Jones’s Views on the Alexander Technique’
John Woodward: ‘Why We Must Train Ourselves: Teaching the Alexander Technique’

1991 Congress Papers
Michael Frederick ‘Reflections on Coordinating the International Congresses’
Lena Frederick ‘Welcoming Introduction’
Frank Ottiwell ‘Keynote Address’
Deborah Caplan ‘Our Dancing Motor Units’
Glynn Macdonald ‘Keynote Address’
Eleanor Rosenthal ‘Judith Leibowitz: Her Legacy’
Yehuda Kuperman ‘A Presentation on the Work of Patrick Macdonald’
John T. Maltsberger ‘Good Fences Make Good Neighbors’
Laura Huxley & Cheryl Pappas ‘Tribalistic Thinking: Enslavement or Freedom?’
Mary Cox ‘Fixation and Fear of Change’
Patrick Wall ‘Movement in Context’
Malcolm Balk ‘Running and the Alexander Technique’
Hil Boode ‘The Cranio-Sacral System’
William Conable ‘Body Mapping’
Ron Dennis ‘Breath as Postural Process’
Bruce Fertman ‘In Celebration of the Alexander Technique’
Stacy Gehman ‘Finding a Way to Know’
David Garlick ‘A Medical Scientist’s View’
David Gorman ‘Experience and Experiments’
Elizabeth Huebner ‘Facilitating Emotional Release During Alexander Lessons’
Neal Katz ‘Dysfunction in Our Alexander Family’
Catherine Kettrick ‘Great Writers of the Western World: F. M. Alexander’
Marie-Françoise Le Foll ‘The Work of Etienne Guillé’
Catherine Madden ‘Exploring Our Responses in Personal Interactions’
David M. Mills ‘Chaos and Coordination: The Alexander Technique and the New Science of Complexity’
Lucia Walker ‘Contact Improvisation’
William Walsh ‘Negotiating a Livelihood’
Donald Weed ‘Let’s Get Rid of 'Group Teaching’
Douglass Price-Williams ‘A Matter of Balance’
David Garlick ‘Looking Towards the Fourth International Congress’

1994 Congress Papers
Marjory Barlow: ‘Recollections of my Uncle F.M. Alexander’
Walter & Dilys Carrington: ‘Text of Video-taped Message’
Jeremy Chance: ‘The Enneagram of Change’
Michael Dale: ‘'Lost Tradition' of Bel Canto’
Dr. Pam Davies: ‘Neural Control of Vocalisation and Speech’
Doris Dietschy: ‘The Meaning of Change’
Michael Frederick: ‘Alexander Congresses and the Alexander Community’
Dr. Brian Freeman: ‘The Embryo’s Use of Its Self’
Dr. David Garlick: ‘Recent Physiological Research into the Alexander Technique’
Tony Greeves: ‘Dance Injuries: The Process of Learning in Dance’
Deborah de Graaf: ‘Relevance of Alexander for Musicians under Stress’
Peter Grunwald: ‘Eyesight – Vision and the Alexander Technique’
Jane Heirich: ‘Monkeying Around with Your Voice’
Eva Karczag: ‘Moving the Moving’
Catherine Kettrick: ‘Alexander Technique: 2094’
Yehuda Kuperman: ‘The Kangaroo and the Alexander Technique’
Professor Eugene Lumbers: ‘Welcoming Address’
Vivien Mackie: ‘Surprises in the Music Class’
Don Mixon: ‘The Mind Body Paradox’
Rosslyn McLeod: ‘Alexander: Historical Overview’
Linda Murrow: ‘Reflections on the Psychological Dimension of the Alexander Technique’
Graham Pont: ‘Body and Mind in the Thought of FM Alexander and John Anderson’
Chris Raff: ‘Business Aspects of an Alexander Teacher’s Practice’
Razia Ross: ‘Ruminations on the Mind/Body Continuum’
Eugene Schlusser: ‘Alexander & TV/Video Media’
David Tracey: ‘Welcoming Address’
Ken Thompson: ‘Unreliable Sensory Appreciation’
Lucia Walker: ‘Contact Improvisation’
Elizabeth Waterhouse: ‘Alexander & the Musician’
Professor Ian Webster: ‘Alexander & Health’
Duncan Woodcock: ‘Balancing Body & Psyche’
Maggie Young: ‘Alexander the Play – The Off-Broadway Production’