Companion categories

Category Sections Examples of entries
I. AT Terms and concepts Concepts
Direction, Inhibition, Consent
II. Learning and Teaching Approaches to Learning and Teaching
Individual, Group, Styles
II. Learning and Teaching Case Histories
Case histories
II. Learning and Teaching Practice Issues
Marketing, Standards, Support
II. Learning and Teaching Teacher Training
F. M. Alexander teacher training, Teacher training
II. Learning and Teaching Teaching Considerations
Terminology, Future of the Technique
II. Learning and Teaching Teaching Procedures
Standing, Walking, Chair work, Saddle work
III. Biography F. M. Alexander
Descriptions of Alexander
III. Biography Alexander Family
A. R. Alexander
III. Biography First Generation Teachers
A. R. Alexander, Irene Tasker
III. Biography Later Generation Teachers
Dilys Carrington, Peggy Williams
III. Biography Pupils of F. M. Alexander
Raymond Dart, John Dewey, Aldous Huxley
III. Biography Other Pupils of the Technique
Michael McCallion
III. Biography Other Supporters of Alexander
[To be added]
III. Biography Other People
Francois Delsarte
IV. History Events pre-1955
South African Libel Case
IV. History Events post-1955
Beaumont vs. Goldie
IV. History History - Other
Offshoots of AT
V. Institutions Charities
The F. M. Alexander Trust
V. Institutions Events
F. M. Alexander Memorial Lectures
V. Institutions Other Institutions
Archives, Ashley Place
V. Institutions Schools
The Little School
V. Institutions Teacher Societies
V. Institutions Teacher Training Courses
F. M. Alexander’s teacher training course
VI. Literature F. M. Alexander's Writings
Criticism of Alexander’s writings
VI. Literature Alexander Technique Literature
'The Alexander Journal'
VI. Literature Biographies & Memoirs
AT biographies, diaries and memoirs
VI. Literature Bibliographies
AT bibliographies
VI. Literature Alexander Technique in non-fiction
'Ends and Means', House of Lords
VI. Literature Alexander Technique in fiction
'Eyeless in Gaza'
VII. Sports and Fitness Bodywork
Feldenkrais, Pilates, Yoga
VII. Sports and Fitness Sports & Fitness
Running, Swimming, Rowing
VIII. Arts Acting
VIII. Arts Circus Skills
VIII. Arts Dance
Dance, Contact improvisation
VIII. Arts Music
Brass instruments, Cello, Piano
VIII. Arts Voice & Singing
Voice, Singing
VIII. Arts Visual Arts
Visual arts
VIII. Arts Arts - Other
Stage fright
IX. Science and medicine Health & Medicine
Back problems, Pregnancy & Birth
IX. Science and medicine Science
Cat turning, Magnus, Startle pattern
X. Other Subjects Education
School teachers, Alexander
X. Other Subjects Philosophy & Religion
Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality
X. Other Subjects Psychology & Emotions
Psychotherapies, Fear, Emotions
X. Other Subjects Sociology
Gender issues, Democracy
X. Other Subjects Work & Industry
Ergonomics, Workplace
X. Other Subjects [Awaiting Classification]