Search the Mouritz Companion

How to use the search
  1. You can use AND and OR (in capitals) between search terms.
  2. The default with multiple search terms  is "AND".
    So if you enter Wilfred Barlow that is the same as entering Wilfred AND Barlow.
    In that case, you will get articles with both Wilfred AND Barlow  but not articles with Marjory AND Barlow ....
        .... unless, of course, they also contain Wilfred.
  3. If you want to search for an exact phrase, put the phrase in quotes, eg  "Wilfred Barlow".
    So if you enter "Wilfred Barlow" you will NOT find an article that contains Wilfred and Marjory Barlow ...
       .... unlike number 2.
  4. You can mix phrases and words, e.g. "Marjory Barlow" AND training