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About the Alexander Technique Bibliography

This bibliography is an attempt to provide a complete database of published material on the Alexander Technique such as books, journals, booklets, videos, journals, audio books and DVDs. Excluded are society newsletters and individual articles in newspapers, journals, etc., for which is recommended. It is hoped that it can function as a resource for Alexander teachers and pupils.

To qualify for inclusion an item must have been mass produced and been offered for sale to the public. Each edition is only listed once. Reprints, or the same book repackaged under a different title or cover are not listed separately; nor is the existence of a different cover version (e.g. hardback) listed; nor the simultaneous publication - if in the same language - in another country. Of course it is difficult sometimes to gauge what constitutes a new book rather than a new edition. The exception is the special listing of all editions of Alexander’s own books.

A second year (or more years) in parenthesis indicates the year(s) of new and later edition(s).

All images are from my own scans. As no images have been copied from the internet the existence of an image indicates that the book information has been obtained from a physical book in my own hands (mostly my own collection but sometimes from friends' collection). It is not always that shops like amazon matches the image with description correctly. (On amazon an image can be matched with the wrong ISBN and the reviews may refer to a different edition altogether.) Still I have to rely on the internet for books I have no access to, and so the lack of an image means the information is not verified.

Sometimes a one-line description is provided, as are a 'Mouritz description': these are both subjective reviews of Mouritz staff.

Other reviews (with two exceptions) have been published in Alexander Technique newsletters. Such reviews provides a degree of impartiality.

‘Related subjects’ is an arbitrary selection of material referring to the Alexander Technique or of interest to teachers of the Technique. It is normally included here if the author is a practising Alexander teacher and contains information on the Technique or the title has been reviewed in an Alexander newsletter/journal.

Note this online bibliography was started in 2001 and items go in and out of print fairly swiftly. Publisher's website is listed where known. Where items are out of print please check links for a variety of alternative sources.

This bibliography is for informational purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation.

To support the expansion and upkeeping of the bibliography any donation is greatly appreciated.

I am grateful for the generous feedback and the supply of publication information, jpegs of covers and for the permissions to reproduce the book reviews from many teachers worldwide. Please notify us (contact page) of any errors or omissions. Thank you.

Jean M. O. Fischer